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Shauna Austin

Country: United States


I have been writing since I was very young. In fifth grade, I wrote a “book” of poetry. Making the cover and sewing it into the binding as a school project. I’ve always had a very vivid and active imagination creating scenarios and characters out of nothing. We used to go to the mall and make up scenarios for peoples lives, as they walked by.
I started out reading mysteries. Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Mysteries were a gateway to Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Patricia Cornwell. Now I enjoys a little hot sex with dark mysteries, thank you, Marissa Honeycutt, Pepper Winters, Penelope Sky, Anita Gray, Isabella Starling.
I’ve been writing romance for years trying to find the right niche. Dark Romance was it. I took off from there. I love a good tear jerker with strong characters, alpha males, and a happily ever after ending, after walking through hell and back again together.
I would love hearing from you and what your thoughts are on writing, reading and what you might like to read in the future. You can reach me at
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Should be publishing my next book in June. Beholden To You


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