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J.M. Tibbott

Country: Canada
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J.M. Tibbott has been writing since childhood, but The Arrival is the first published novel. As a writer of magazine and newspaper articles, being an editor for an online news-letter, and a writing instructor, J.M. belongs to a community of local writers, all of whom are continually upgrading their own skills.
While the initial intention was to publish a myth/fantasy novel, as J.M delved further into the creation of a new world in which The Arrival takes place, it became obvious that the complete story required multiple books. J. M. has since published The Healers, and The Warriors.
Thus, J.M. is hard at work on the next book in the series, The Pleasure Seekers.
“Once I spent all that time creating a world, limiting myself to only one novel seemed foolish in the extreme.” — J.M. Tibbott


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