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Poovaiah Malavanda

Country: India
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Poovaiah was born on the 11th of April, 1998 in the South of
Kodagu, India. He is from a humble middle-class family whose
family occupation is Coffee Plantation, way back from childhood
Poovaiah was a Science & Technology enthusiast and has worked
on numerous IOT projects and hobby projects.
Poovaiah is an Engineering dropout and is pursuing his carrier
in Management field.
In 2016 Poovaiah joined a startup called Dvizira Pvt Ltd, a
company started by few like-minded people. Joining the company
as an intern then Poovaiah worked under the mentorship of
Mr.Nuthan P, CEO of Dvizira Pvt Ltd & the CTO of Bellatrix
Aerospace, during this period Poovaiah gained a depth of
knowledge on Systems Engineering and Project Management.
Currently, Poovaiah works as a Project Manager in Dvizira Pvt
Ltd. Poovaiah leads a team which is currently working on projects
of health and defense sector.
A big believer in hard work and dedication supports
Entrepreneurship and skill development.
Poovaiah is no stranger to technology having spent about three
years working on Battery Technology. Prior to work in the
management field, Poovaiah had spent few years working on a
project called “Active Battery Management System” and also wrote
a research paper on “Active charge balancing in Li-ion battery” along with the co-author of this book Mr.Sanjan PS and a mutual
Poovaiah is also passionate about Military and is currently
working on projects to aid the soldier's hard lifestyle and to support
them during combat.


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