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Donna L. Young

Country: United States


I called myself a Christian because I wore a cross, prayed to God and attended church regularly. Yet, I lied, gossiped, and judged others without mercy. I misrepresented my God with my behavior, attitude, and words. Such was my life.

In my prayers, I asked for God to use my life to glorify Him but was ill prepared for the response. I was arrested and charged with a felony! In deep and dark despair, I turned to Jesus Christ for help, and He was there to save me, as I sorrowfully repented for my past sinful behavior! Jesus transformed my heart and I was blessed with unimaginable peace and joy!

I am living proof that people can change and that choosing to live a righteous and holy life brings joy.


Following Jesus Christ through the help and work of the HOLY SPIRIT while trying to sincerely bring honor to God our Heavenly Father.


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