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Emma Shelford

Country: Canada
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Hello! My name is Emma. I'm a Canadian from the West Coast. I'm a biological oceanographer by training, but books have always been a passion of mine.

My first serious fiction endeavour was Mark of the Breenan. My commute was a long, tedious bus ride, and I would often close my eyes and elaborate on whatever stories I was currently immersed in, whether from reading or television or movies. My little interior worlds grew quite complex, and one day it dawned on me that I could make up my own stories in my head from scratch, since I was getting so good at building on other worlds. I started bringing a notebook with me on the bus, and the majority of Mark of the Breenan was written there, jouncing and jostling down the road.

When I sat down to write Ignition, Merlin practically scrambled to get out of my brain, so eager was he to make his voice heard. Now he and Gwen vie for my attentions.


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