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Michael Lawton

Country: United States


Michael Lawton was born and raised in Pensacola, FL. He is 32 years old, which places him in Millennial status, those born between 1983 and 2000. Millennial's typically get a bad rap, largely due to the publicized actions of a few. We are a generation exposed to scandal, war, and terror. We spent our younger years playing outside and reading books. Then came along access to technology and non stop information, this changed our world. Everything is instant. We can find out what is going on in another city, state, or country as it is occurring. With all this access, you would think Budgeting would be easy with having access to checking bank information online, but we are failing. Money is coming in, and then going back out, almost instantly. Ever get paid, then within a couple hours (after paying bills) its all gone? It is so easy these days to swipe a card, or sign up for this amazing credit deal. Let's get your Budget on point!


Use These Particle Budgeting Methods To Get Your Budget on Point!


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