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Mawson Bear

Country: Australia


Mawson is one of this bright world's few published Writer-Bears. He speaks, as softly as you can imagine, about being one’s best in an often baffling world.

A modest bear of generous proportions, distinctive in his white fur coat and bow tie, he’s often muddled but always confident, deep in his inner-most stuffing, that things are going to be all right.

In "It's A Bright World To Fell Lost In", he ponders a big question that baffles not only lost bears: Can you go on being you when you don't know who to be You for?

"She Ran Away From Love" will be out in the bright world in 2018. It stars little Frilly who hopes to Find Herself. "Dreamy Days" and more titles will follow.


"She Ran Away From Love" will soon be out from Publisher Obscura. Can little Frilly embolden herself to once again face the Light of Love?


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