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Michael Lacey

Country: United States


Is Michael Lacey is the bad guy—Mayor—in his own book? Well, not really, but they’re both missing an eye . . . close enough. Since losing his eye to a lawn dart incident when he was 11, he has gained a very unique perspective on life. He writes from intimate moments pain while striving for forward motion. Michael understands the value of experiencing emotions and giving them the space to move, but he pushes towards resolution and closure in the most encouraging ways. He is driven by the pursuit of purpose and hopes his books will help others chase their own true callings.

On most days, you can find Michael with a mason jar of sweet tea by his side while his toddler son runs him and his wife ragged. He could be taking his motorcycle for a ride, building something out of wood, playing guitar and writing songs, or a number of other creative endeavors.

He’s always dreaming up new adventures for Underlanders as well as entirely new stories. By writing consistently, Michael is working towards a life where he can spend more time each day with his soon-to-be growing family. Keep up with him on Facebook, Instagram, or at


-Part 1 of A Town Called Wonderful on 2/18/18
-Part 2 2/25/18
-Part 3 3/11/18
-Part 4 3/18/18
Full/Pring April 2018


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