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Born in country South Australia, Karina Chapman is an Adelaide-based writer who has always had a love of both reading and writing.
Bookstores and a library next door full of books enticed her to read hundreds of novels as a child.

For many years Karina entertained clients with stories in hair salons before changing paths to the written word. Her first book 'Hair Secrets' was written to help women to eliminate bad hair days forever.

The inspiration she uses to write with comes from the many different lives she has already lived within this one, and from above.

Karina’s books are based on real life experiences and the wisdom gained on her journey.
Her intention is to entertain, uplift and help others by sharing her stories and knowledge.
Occasionally when writing fiction, Karina doesn’t plot out a storyline… she may not even intend to write one! The inclination or seed of an idea creeps in, and hours later a new story is born.


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