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Imagine a world where dysfunctional pool players stand between you and the end of the planet...

Hello there. My name is Anna and thank you for taking the time to read this.

Eight Ball Down: A Putney Vampire Killers Adventure is my debut novel. It was inspired by meeting a motley crew of pool players in a smoky pub in Putney, South London a good few years ago. Many went their separate ways - possibly to Fulham or maybe as far out as Battersea and some still lurk around the Lower Richmond Road in Putney. Rather than keep a diary, it seemed more fitting to record them in a vampire killing novel that never moves from the Lower Richmond Road (except the odd character who occasionally gets thrown about in time and space and some may say they really had it coming). You may perhaps think these characters seem extreme or odd in their behaviour but I assure you, in many cases, I have toned them down. I hope you enjoy my story of the Putney Vampire Killers. The existence of vampires may be debatable but not this strange bunch of pool players and their most beloved - if not senile - living pub - The Pig & Phoenix.

Thank you.


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