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David Rheem Jarrett was born and raised in Berkeley, California. He attended Berkeley High School, graduating in 1959. He attended several different colleges and universities, ultimately graduating from the University of California San Francisco School of Dentistry with a D.D.S. degree.
Jarrett was first encouraged to write by his senior-class high school English teacher, and later by family and friends. He writes for himself, as he enjoys creating and telling a good story, and he knows a brain that is kept active through writing will continue to function well into one’s later years. He is not too proud, however, to accept money from book sales should readers enjoy his writing and purchase his books. Neither is he shy about interjecting moral, social and political issues into his novels, as he believes readers can learn and think about these issues just as easily and probably more enjoyably through reading a well-researched work of fiction as they can by reading the news articles of today.

He feels that many of today’s novels, including those by many well-known novelists, are not only unrealistic, but are so plot-driven that they ignore the inner thoughts and feelings of the characters in them. This is why he writes believable plots, and why his novels are written in third person omniscient – in order to allow the reader to “get inside” the heads of the characters and experience the range of emotions there. This is also why his average novel takes two or three years to complete!

Jarrett spends as much time outdoors as he can, on the golf course or in the woods. He worked at many different jobs during the ascent of the academic ladder, most of them physically challenging, unskilled labor, and this work and the people he met doing it have proven invaluable to his life and in his writing, as has the interaction he had with his patients during the thirty-five years he practiced dentistry. Now retired from private practice, he volunteers as a part-time dentist in a faith-based free clinic in Sparks, Nevada.

He met his wife, Kathie, after coming off the fire line while fighting a forest fire in Northern California in 1959. They have enjoyed fifty-four years of marriage, and their union has resulted in three grown children and seven grandchildren. They make their home in Reno, Nevada, along with one very spoiled feral cat that “adopted” them over twenty years ago!

He is an unapologetic aficionado of fast cars, golf, fly-fishing, and firearms. The wide open spaces of Northern Nevada provide him with a perfect place to exercise these pursuits.

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