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Michael Mickey Williams Jr.

Country: United States
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Michael Mickey Williams Jr. was homeless, eating food out of trash cans, suicidal, addicted to heroin and crack cocaine in 2009. He spent 22 years of his life in-and-out of jails and rehabilitation centers since he was a teenager. Nowadays, however, he’s married, a seven-time published author, a Substance Abuse Counselor Intern for Cumberland County Department of Alcohol & Drug Treatment and the founder of The Minor Adjustments Program.

Minor Adjustments is dedicated to preventing and reducing crimes. Their primary purpose is to teach men and women how to make the “Minor Adjustments” that are necessary for their lives, which will allow them to obtain and maintain a productive lifestyle after incarceration and or rehabilitation! Their motto is “Anywhere but backward.”

Mr. Williams is a dedicated advocate for those who are struggling with addictions or criminal lifestyles, mainly because he struggled with those same barriers. As someone who has successfully transitioned back into the community despite his former life, he is a firm believer that we need to help people change the way they view society and more importantly themselves. Believing that just because you have a criminal history that you can no longer be successful in life is false. Believing that just because you have an addiction you cannot succeed in life is also false. Mr. Williams’primary purpose is being the change that he wants to see within his community.


Soon to launch my 8th book titled "My Purpose is Greater Than my Struggles"
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