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Giovanna Fera

Country: Australia
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Her life

Giovanna Fera was born in Sanremo - Italy, a small tourist town near the Southern French border. At the age of seven she moved to Australia with her family. Ten years later she returned to visit Italy and fell in love with the eternal and magical city of Rome – she made it her home for twenty years. She now lives in Brisbane with her husband Alex Marshall and her two children Valentino and Raphael.


Fifteen years ago, Giovanna wrote her first autobiographical novel together with other short stories. ‘Out of the Storm’ is her second novel and first published work. Other published works are ‘The Italian Doctor and ‘The Thong Thief and Kodiak Girls’


Giovanna’s artistic process began as a child. Now her primary source of inspiration for her richly diverse subject matter comes from her surroundings; the beautiful Stradbroke Island where she spends a lot of time, her past memories of Europe and her current experiences.

Her paintings have a high sense of color, shape and composition. She has participated in the Rotary Art Spectacular 2016 and 2017. Her works have also been exhibited and sold at the Royal QLD Exhibition.
Giovanna has completed courses at Brisbane Institute of Art, however, she says she is a self- taught artist and has developed her own style due to that.

Her Philosophy

Giovanna Fera recognizes the value of Art and writing as a means of healing. By embracing all forms of art you improve and enhance the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. She encourages using Art and writing as a therapy to help overcome fears and past trauma.
Giovanna is a volunteer at Rizeup Australia which gives support to families of domestic violence. She is also a supporter of White Ribbon Australia. Through her suspense novel ‘Out of the Storm’, she hopes to create more awareness of domestic violence.


soon to be launching my next book - psychological thriller 'KODIAK GIRLS'


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