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I’m currently 30 years old and reside in the great state of Texas. I am married and have two noisy children whom I love very much. I started writing in 2005 but never really got past the first outline of a book. Over the years it had remained in the back of my mind of these worlds I wanted to create and share. Not all of you will like them. Some might love them but I hope for each group we can use it as a glance into another place.
I was finally pushed by my wife and loss of sleep to write Ellipsis. It was an amazing experience. I sat in front of the computer and the first draft just flowed out of me. Then… I was able to sleep soundly again. Well, at least until book two needed to be written. I hope you all find my books enjoyable. Just as I had an amazing time writing them. See you in the future!


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