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William Luke was born in 1967 in the seaside town of Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland.

During his teenage years, William attended church youth meetings, but never heard God's will clearly taught.

In his early twenties, seeing little real point to life, William asked God to give him purpose to his life. He believed in God, yet never felt drawn to any church. Nor was he ever invited to one. Rather, he saw the Bible as the only means to finding out about God. And so, he embarked on a personal study of scripture, focusing primarily on creation and end times prophecy.

Eventually William was invited to a church, where he learned of the gospel, became a Christian, and was baptised at the age of thirty.

After years of attending church and studying books concerning God’s will, William became acutely aware of the lack of clear teaching regarding God's will for the Christian’s daily life. Convinced that the Bible must contain this teaching, William then embarked on another personal study of scripture, this time focusing primarily on Christ’s teaching throughout the New Testament.

Compelled to share God's will with others, William has produced two books entitled, God's Will for our Daily Lives: The Teaching of Jesus Christ, and, God’s Guide to the End Times: The Revelation of Jesus Christ in Plain English.

William adheres exclusively to Christ’s teaching concerning God's will as opposed to any denominational teaching, and therefore does not serve God in a local church. Rather, he is dedicated to studying scripture and to sharing his findings with all Christendom. Because of his burden for understanding within the body of Christ, William sees his endeavour to enlighten other Christians as his God given purpose on earth.

William has been married since 2001, has two sons, and still lives in Carrickfergus. When not studying or writing, he enjoys watching movies, eating out, and riding his cruiser motorcycle and his retro scooter.


Two books available from Amazon: God's Will For Our Daily Lives, and, God's Guide To The End Times.


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