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Doctor X

Country: United Kingdom


Hello. I am Doctor X.
I took voluntary redundancy from a UK University to come out to China to teach English. I was in the twilight of my career, and I didn't want to go into that dark night without having some more adventures.

In my younger years I had travelled through war torn Africa in a ten ton truck - but once back in the UK monotonous routine became the status quo. All my spare money was dedicated to scratching my itchy feet. Wives came and went - but my wanderlust remained.

In this memoir I even shock myself with my lewd and dissolute behaviour - but in coming to China one can re-invent one's self because no one you meet actually gives a toss who or what you are as they are too busy re-inventing themselves.

Come join me and get the inside track to what a TEFL teacher really gets up to in China.


My Memoir The Adventures of Doctor X in China is now available on Amazon


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