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Ged Cusack

Country: New Zealand


As a child of the sixties, Ged has always had a thirst for learning and knowledge.

Ged moved to New Zealand at the end of 2004 (After 22 years as British Military Engineer).

Since moving to New Zealand he has pursued many ventures including Business Coaching, Trading Stock Options, Trading CFD’s, Trading Foreign Exchange & Trading Futures.

It is a testament to his character that as a business coach he was more interested in seeing people succeed than making income (himself) from the coaching.

Prior to starting on his Amazon Selling journey, he spent 4.5 years working in post-earthquake Christchurch. His roles played to his strengths of project management, problem solving and systematization.

At the end of his last contract he decided to have a break from the corporate environment and focus on e-commerce and trading.

Since April 2015 he has had several friends and former colleagues ask what he was doing and how they too could start an Amazon business.
After many hours of guiding these people (Involving providing schedules and identifying where these people where at) he decided to systematize this guidance.

Ged’s Systems have eventuated in his first book “FBA - Building an Amazon Business - The Beginner's Guide”.
And his second book “Profitable Stock Options Trading – Lessons I Learned Losing $100,000 so you don’t have to.


Launching my next book and free on kindle for March 16-20th
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