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About the Author, Marcus A. Nannini
Marcus Nannini began his journalistic career when he published his own newspaper in the sixth grade, charging twenty five cents for the privilege of reading the only printed copy of each edition. During his undergraduate years Nannini was a paid reporter and worked three semesters as the research assistant for journalism professor and published author Richard Stocks Carlson, Ph.D.
Nannini is a life-long history buff with a particular interest in World War II and the Pearl Harbor attack. His continuing curiosity over several Japanese aerial photographs and the turtling of the U.S.S. Oklahoma lead him to write Chameleons, first as a screenplay and now as a full-length novel.
More than four months of research were devoted to Chameleons, underscoring Nannini’s efforts to painstakingly recreate the experiences of his protagonist, “Ken Kida,” both prior to, and following the Japanese attack on that fateful Sunday morning, December 7, 1941.
Nannini has six World War II non-fiction magazine articles appearing in World at War and Strategy and Tactics magazines in the near future. His next novels in the series, Geographic Treachery and Vigorous Brutality, will soon be available. Look for the Big Screen version of his non-fiction magazine story which will be titled Dinner with Himmler.


CHAMELEONS, A WW II novel unlike any other. Armed Conflict, Mystery, Suspense, Heroism, Romance, Corruption and Moral Fortitude


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