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Michael Baldwin

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Michael Baldwin, a self-professed descendent of the Lakota mystic warrior, Crazy Horse, was born and reared in Fort Worth, Texas, amid the olfactory cornucopia formed by its stock yards, rendering plants, and chemical factories. His youth was misspent exploring the fields, rills, and fossiled hills of North Texas. Much of Mr. Baldwin’s poetry stems from an early and enduring love of nature and his exploration of it through science, particularly astronomy. As a youth he built a Newtonian telescope and followed the progress of the space program closely, hoping to become an astronaut. But the eyes weren’t 20 twice, so he became a writer of science fiction, poetry, mystery thrillers, and children’s books, which is somewhat safer and just as exciting.

Mr. Baldwin holds a B.A. in Political Science, a Masters degree in Public Administration, and a Masters in Library Science. His career has primarily been that of a public library administrator, but he has also been a field operations supervisor for the U.S. Census, and a professor of American Government.

Publications and awards:
• Mike’s Slam Poetry Manual was published by the American Library Association in 2003.
• Mike’s book, Scapes, won the Eakin Poetry Book Award, 2011.
• His chapbook, Counting Backward From Infinity, won the Morris Chapbook Award, 2012.
• His poetry has twice been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and was featured on the national radio program The Romantic Hours.
• Mike published the mystery thriller novel, Murder Music, in 2014.
• Passing Strange, his collection of science-fiction short stories, was published in 2015.
• Surpassing Strange, a 2nd volume of sci-fi short stories, was published in 2016.
• Mike’s book of Texas poetry, Lone Star Heart, was published by Lamar University Press in 2016.
• Mike’s first children’s book, Space Cat, was published in February, 2017.
Mike retired from directorship of the Benbrook Public Library in 2014. He now devotes his time to writing and creativity consulting. He developed and presents a creative writing workshop: Find Your Creative Mind: Using Neuroscience To Enhance Your Creativity. He also presents a seminar on easy Self-Publishing. Mike and his wife, Helen, reside in Benbrook, Texas.


Just published a children's book: Space Cat, which provides a great adventure story and factual information about our solar system. Available at:


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