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Marilyn Temmer

Country: Canada
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Words have always fascinated Marilyn—their taste, sound, and ability to precisely capture a word or emotion, and, of course, their connotations. But it was not until her third decade that she thought of putting all this experience and knowledge into writing a book. Letter writing (before computers made everything easier) had always been a genuine pleasure. She loved telling stories of daily life, and friends and family enjoyed reading them.
When she finally decided to sit down to write a book, a friend, Maggie Petru, by asking very pertinent questions, gave her guidance with the plot and helped flesh out the characters. Marilyn then set out to develop the words, sentences and paragraphs of her book.
She is already well into her next novel—also set in Marcher Mills, but ten years later—and ideas for many more are percolating madly and demanding attention.


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