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Georgina Antoinette

Country: United States


I've lived most my life in Southern California then relocated to the West coast of Washington state, where I live with my husband, two cats, Henry and Tilly, and a jailbird dog, Barkley, who add to the joys of living. Everything in my life changed when my husband of twenty-plus years was taken from me by CJD (Mad Cow Disease). So hard to talk
about, that my mind shut it out, allowing my emotions and imagination to follow a new path.

The Shadows of Rhodes started out as one book, but as the story evolved,it has become six (plus) books in a series. I was inspired by an historical account of the 1974 Turkish occupation of Cyprus, and created my characters
to be influenced by it, in today's world. The aftermath of the chaos in particular, brought on many criminal elements that fed my story. In the process of accuracy in the setting, I traveled to Greece and incorporated what I saw and my love for the islands and people in my story. The characters in my novels helped me to write the story.


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