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Deb McEwan

Country: Cyprus


Following thirty odd years in the British Army, Deb and her husband Allan decided to become weather refugees and settle in Cyprus.
Throughout her life, Deb has dabbled with writing. Her first book was 'Reindeer Dreams' - a quirky rhyming Christmas story for children featuring Barry the reindeer and his family. Her first grown-up books about aliens and unearthly spiders could be explained as off the wall. The Afterlife trilogy came next with a few 'Jason the Penguin' books in between.
The first book in the current series 'Unlikely Soldiers' is set in nineteen seventies Britain. The second covers the early eighties and includes the Falklands War, service in Northern Ireland and (the former) West Germany. 'Friends and Revenge' is the third book in the 'Unlikely Soldiers' series, it carries on in the eighties and takes a sinister turn of events.
Deb now spends her time writing, working part-time, avoiding housework and playing tour guide along with Allan. She occasionally blogs from Donut the dog's point of view and tries to keep the pounds off by working out, playing netball and long-distance walking.
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