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D. Owen Powell

Country: United States


A bit about me: Born in 1946, I grew up in Cuyahoga
Falls, Ohio. I guess you could call me an Original
Baby Boomer. It was the time of change and an exciting
era, when new music and industry was booming
just like us—the products of our moms and dads …
and for the most part our fathers were home from the
Second World War, and eager to begin a family.
Not continuing an education in college, my secondary
education began in the rice paddies of South Viet
Nam. Fortunate to come out unscathed; the reception
back home was unpleasant. Not from my family, you
see I lived right outside Kent, Ohio, and most will remember
what transpired at Kent State University,
May 4, 1970.
From there I moved to south Florida … met a girl
from Finland, and fell in love. She took the leap…
moving to the USA to see if this yank was worth the
We have been married over forty years with two
fine sons two super daughter-in-law’s two wonderful
granddaughters and one great grandson. Oh, and an
assorted array of grand doggies.
My income is derived mostly from a small business
—now of over forty years, and took up writing as a
hobby along with hypnotherapy and had a part-time
practice for several years.
In retrospect, my writing hobby met too much procrastination
over the decades—finally getting serious
a little over three years ago.
I wrote Operation Starlight as if I lived it, and in
fact, I guess I did.
Thank you for purchasing my book, and hope you
will be kind in your reviews, of which I look forward
to reading with eyes open.
In our next adventure, I sincerely wish we could
once again, travel together.
…Your creative mind is a beautiful gift … use it and
many can benefit.
Read … reach beyond, and let your mind soar…
Help Me Out and review, Operation Starlight.
‒D. Owen Powell,
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