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Lucinda E Clarke

Country: Spain


I've been writing professionally for over 30 years, but mostly for radio and Television, although I can add to that adverts, Mayoral speeches, brochures, reports and so on. Lucky enough to have picked up 21 awards along the way. I have lived in 8 different countries, had a variety of occupations, including breeding animals, running the worst riding school in the world, teaching, running my own video production company and trying to keep out of trouble! I have recently begun to write books [I am not counting the two educational books I was commissioned to write in the 1980's and 90's] and enjoying it. I am supposed to be retired, but that is fast falling by the wayside! I now live in Spain, a big change from living in Africa for so many years.


"Walking over Eggshells" was published last year, my first memoir. "Amie," an African Adventure is a novel and is due to be published in the next two weeks.


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