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G J Griffiths

Country: United Kingdom


AUTHOR BIO DETAILS: G J Griffiths is a UK baby-boomer who worked for quite a while in the Photographic industry. Then he became a Science teacher for about twenty years. He likes reading, walking in the countryside, DIY, birdwatching and being a Grandad! Having retired he thought he would like to write a novel, which soon became four.
Originally, after he had retired from teaching GJG just wanted to write and write about many of the kids he had taught and tell his readers about some of their hilarious tales. But after a while he realised that so many of the stories would be tinged with sadness or tragedy or poignant moments, and that it was not going to be just another "book of funny stories". If he was going to include some of the difficulties that the kids' teachers also faced, many times a day sometimes, then he had to also write about why they wanted to come into education, and more importantly, why they were determined to stay in it!

So Robert Jeffrey was "born" and his story is gradually unfolded and woven between the collection of students' stories. Robert's determination to become what he feels is a "good teacher" became a main theme throughout the book. There was a danger then that the book would become a continuous whinge from yet another cynical, grumbling teacher. Enter Kyle Crabbe, the bully, and some of the tales begin to have a sinister theme to them! With that stage set it meant that G J could lead the reader up a path that would allow a twist to it! Be surprised - be very surprised!

Some of the books that Robert Jeffrey had read and that had inspired him to want to teach coincided, strangely enough, with some of the list that G J Griffiths had also valued. It was a list that included: R Delderfield's "To Serve Them All My Days", Thomas Hughes' "Tom Brown's Schooldays", D H Lawrence's "The Rainbow", E R Braithwaite's "To Sir with Love", "Neill! Neill! Orange Peel!", plus, of course, a couple from The Master - Charles Dickens, such as "Hard Times" and "Nicholas Nickleby".

G J Griffiths has now completed three novels in the So What! Stories series of books. As well as volume 1 there is So What's Next! and So What Do I Do? GJG believes that each novel in a series should be carefully crafted so that each may be read as a stand-alone book, so that is what they are. That is not to mean favourite characters from the previous book(s) are all omitted; two or three will re-appear to intrigue the reader in a new plot! More details may be found under their relevant pages. There is also a "box set" ebook of all 3 novels, So What! Stories or Whatever! - The Trilogy, priced to save the reader money.
His latest book, “Ants In Space” is an illustrated children’s Sci-fi adventure and should be published early in 2016. This is a new and exciting venture for G J and should attract a new gang of much younger fans keen on intriguing extra-terrestrial tales!


Soon to launch the first in a new series of illustrated Science fiction books for children! Look out for Ants In Space, featuring Kweezy Capolza from Antanesta, and Earth girls Eva and Lara.


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