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G J Griffiths

Country: United Kingdom


AUTHOR BIO DETAILS: G J Griffiths is a retired science teacher with some early working experience of the photographic industry. Born in the UK he enjoys reading most genres of fiction such as sci-fi, crime/detective thrillers, historical and wildlife stories. Non-fiction reading mainly includes scientific or historical books. Walking in the English, Scottish or Welsh countryside with binoculars ready for bird-watching or other wildlife is a particular pleasure. Seeing badgers and otters in the wild recently was an exciting first.

His first novel was Fallen Hero and the So What! series of three books followed and which are all focussed around the fictitious Birch Green High School. They include: So What! Stories or Whatever!, So What’s Next! and So What Do I Do? Each book is quite different in its overall context, e.g. a collection of the teachers’ experiences, creation of a school nature corner, and arson, fraud and murder. More recent works include poetry: Dizzyrambic Imaginings, two illustrated children’s sci-fi stories about ant-size aliens and a historical fiction series based upon real characters from the Industrial Revolution period: The Quarry Bank Runaways and Mules; Masters & Mud.
If you enjoyed reading one of G J Griffiths’ books please share your enjoyment with other readers and post a review of it. This is very helpful for new writers and he would be pleased to hear from you on a Comments page at his website:


In Manchester UK "To Read, To Hear, To Feel!" an event to commemorate the Peterloo Massacre of 1819. In June I will be reading from my chapter about Peterloo in "Mules; Masters & Mud". Signed copies of paperback available. Folk ballads of the period performed by folk group, Trebuchet.
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