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Patricia M Jackson

Country: United States


Patricia M Jackson started out life raised a country girl, keeping chickens, selling eggs, growing up in a series of small Minnesotan towns. Her earliest memory is of her mother reading Milton’s “Paradise Lost” to her as a bedtime story. She’s always loved a good book and reads voraciously. She was a child prodigy as a pianist, becoming a virtuoso by seventeen. She has an inherent love for music. It’s her first language. Everything else is a translation. A strange admission by a writer, isn’t it? But she’s one of those people who can’t stop the creative process. She still sings and plays, but mainly for herself, her friends and family. She paints. She sews. She has a math degree and has worked for twenty years as a programmer. She loves children and was once a high-school math teacher.

She writes, and she wants to share her writing with you, because the stories she’s telling deserve to be told. Patricia writes fiction wrapped around the stories of real people. She draws inspiration for her novels from real people she’s found in researching genealogy or real people she’s known who lived inspired lives. Those people deserve to be remembered forever. We don’t always know all the details of their lives, so she weaves their real particulars with fiction within a romance, because love is what is common to us all. Love and romance are universal. And a good romance is a great read.

You’ll find Patricia M Jackson at home in the metro Minneapolis area where she lives with her husband and her geriatric dog, Charlie. She’s probably sitting with her laptop and a tall drink of water, thinking of a new adventure for characters she can’t wait to share with you.

You can reach her via email at


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