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Patrick M. Bedont Jr.

Country: United States


The author of 'The Last Mutineers' series hails from a small town south of Pittsburgh, PA where nothing ever really happens. It is a suburb of sorts. A suburb that lays on the outskirts of a bustling city. Such a city being a hub where all of the corporate juggernauts tout their cheap wares and drive the smaller local businesses to their untimely demise. That is neither here nor there though, for we are at a pivotal point in human history. One that must be discussed posthaste.

Our technology is excelling far beyond the realm of human perception. If word of these advancements does not get out to the public, future generations will have no interest in such topics of study. The large corporations with their profit-driven mentality want to stifle such advancement in order to maintain their bottom line. They want to keep things the way they are for as long as possible. Pillaging the Earth as they see fit in order to expand their already egregiously wide pockets. Dividing the country and keeping it distracted with their lame ass news media.

Doing so to buyout our own government agencies behind our distracted backs with their seemingly endless supply of monies. With which they are able to hinder and even hide new technologies from the public if they go against their way of business. Especially if their monies cannot buy the ideas.

We truly are living in a sad world today. So it is up to authors like Tepbian Kord to address these topics and get people thinking outside of their comfort margins. To help people go against the grain and begin thinking for themselves.

We are all being manipulated on a massive scale. From reporters and journalists who sell out their integrity in order to satiate their corporate-sponsored political overlords to celebrities who keep the public distracted while essentially doing the same thing, we are all stuck in a vicious cycle of ignorance. The truth shall remain hidden from the American people for as long as they allow it.

Not until we all begin rising up and demanding more from those who are supposed to be representing us will things change. But alas the media has us all under its spell by utilizing one of the most ancient strategies of war: divide and conquer. The longer we stay divided the easier it will be for them to control us completely.

It is truly a point we are slowly getting to. One where we will have no freedom at all. With the political correctness flowing freely, impeding our freedom of speech, it is all just a matter of time. Especially with this younger generation that has been weaned since infancy to be a bunch of pathetic spineless cowards that are offended by anything that goes against their way of life. It will only be a matter of time before we lose everything.

So follow the way of Algiz and protect yourself.

Do so by educating yourself while you still can...


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