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Gordon Smith

Country: Australia


Gordon spent most of his life in sales, public transport and Traffic Management.

He managed traffic movements through and around major road work sites throughout Queensland. His last project was as Traffic Project Manager on the construction of the Gold Coast Light Rail throughout the City of Gold Coast.

After retiring to Queensland's Sunshine Coast in 2014, He took in interest in researching my family. He discovered links back to the 1400's and even a distant link to the Royal Family of United Kingdom.

During his research he discovered he had 6 relatives who fought in the Great War. He was familiar, with his relatives in the 2nd World War, but knew nothing about the men in his family who had fought in the Great War.

This research led him to write his first book "A Family That Went to War"

After he published the book he realised that this was not enough, so he settled down and commenced writing "An Australian Story - The saga of an Australian Family over two centuries"

In this he has included the stories of Australia's early settlement and of the events that made Australia and makings of a family.

He was amazed that he could write three books in less than 12 months particularly as only recently he discovered that he had mild dyslexia all his life.

His new book “The Ministry Communications Unit” is pure fiction based on a fictitious movie company set up by the Government during World War 2.

Gordon is confident that he will write a lot more novels.
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