Amanda Applewood and the Return of the False King: An Everworld Book

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Amanda and her sister Sarah have been dropped off to live on the family farm with their Uncle Everett while their mother is off documenting an environmental protest. When a number of peculiar people show up begging their uncle to return to Everworld to solve a crisis he dismisses them to the girls as members of a local live action role playing group. When the Queen of Everworld can’t convince Uncle Everett to return with her she lures the girls across the barrier that separates the worlds so their uncle will be forced to follow. The Queen’s plan falls apart when a dragon abducts Sarah, forcing Amanda and a guardsman named Preston to go after her.

Amanda eventually discovers that she’s inherited the family magic and uses it and her wits to defeat rampaging trolls, rescue her sister from a pair of dragons that remind her of the mean girls from school, and convince her mother that she’s also inherited the family magic so she can save the day.

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