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Karen J. Hasley

Country: United States


Karen J. Hasley grew up from working-class roots in the mid-section of America. Her graduate thesis on 17th-century female poets introduced her to the rich treasures waiting to be discovered about women's lives in the past, and in 2006 Karen's first novel, Lily's Sister, hit the stands. The rest is - quite literally - history. Do you recognize these women from America's past? Jane Addams. Ida B. Wells-Barnett. Dr. Alice Hamilton. Dr. Kate Waller Barrett. Donaldina Cameron. Gertrude Stein. You'll find them all - and then some - in Karen's books. Her unique storytelling voice intertwines the lives of fictional heroines with historical real-life women so closely and so convincingly that you may need to check your history books to figure out which is which.


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